Why Lease Your Next Vehicle

You may be wondering — why should I lease my next vehicle when I can own it with financing or cash purchase options? Here are some of the many benefits of leasing. Talk to one of our Leasing Specialists at OpenRoad Leasing to find out more.

Lower Payments

Monthly payments for leasing tend to be much lower than financing, and does not require a large lump sum like cash purchases do. This allows you to free up financial capital for investments and other expenditure priorities.

Greater Flexibility

One of the other benefits of leasing is that it offers greater flexibility in car ownership. At the end of your lease agreement, you always have the options of purchasing it, leasing a new vehicle, or simply returning it to us.

Enjoy Different Vehicles

If you’re looking to experience a different car every few years without going through the trouble of selling your existing vehicle, leasing may be the perfect option for you. Leasing a new vehicle every few years also allows you to enjoy the latest technology and safety features found in newer models.

Deductible Business Expense

If you are a business owner leasing a vehicle for business use, you may also be eligible to deduct your monthly payments up to a certain limit as set by the Canada Revenue Agency.

Less work, more driving.
Start your lease today.